Rick Schmiedt

Welcome to my photo website at www.RickSchmiedt.com. We are located near Charleston, South Carolina, USA.

If you wish to contact me with questions or comments, please send an EMAIL to

"rickschmiedt at gmail dot com"

or add a comment to any of the galleries. For locals, you can see some of my work at the "All Things Good" Gallery in the Houston Northcutt Shopping Center on Coleman Blvd in Mount Pleasant, at the Sea Biscuit restaurant on the Isle of Palms, or at the HowArtThou Cafe next to the Terrace Theater on James Island.

This site was initiated in June, 2008 and is a work in progress. It reflects my interests in fine art photography, travel, Tae Kwon Do, sailing, and, of course, friends and family. Event photography is also posted from weddings, Tae Kwon Do, the Cancer Society (Hope Lodge in Charleston) and the Unitarian Church in Charleston.

Enjoy and please leave any comments -- positive or negative. Feedback is welcomed!


New additions:
** The USA Tae Kwon Do Masters Association held practice tests for Black Belt, including board breaking, at the Isle of Palms, SC, Recreational center on March 14, 2015. These are some high ISO pics from that event because I didn't use a flash to distract the attendees. (27 March, 2015.)

** Hope Lodge in Charleston celebrated the Holiday Season with a lunch on 1 December, 2014. Some of the images are shown in the newest Hope Lodge gallery featured at the top of this page. (8 December, 2014.)

** Your fav photographer got married! Yes, the photos are finally up in the Wedding gallery that portray the wonderful event on May 24th, 2014. Hope you all enjoy. Love to all who joined us that day and all that couldn't. Rick and Hillary. (17 August, 2014.)

** Pictures are up from the Volunteer Luncheon at Hope Lodge in Charleston, SC which took place on 24 April, 2014. Thank you everyone for helping out with Hope Lodge. (7 May, 2014.)

** The USA Tae Kwon Do Masters Association (USATMA) Board Breaking and Practice Test was held at the Isle of Palms, SC, Recreational Center last 15 February, 2014. Images from that event are now posted in the latest gallery under the Tae Kwon Do Category. Enjoy! (4 March, 2014.)

** Photos from the Hope Lodge Reunion and Birthday on 12 October, 2013, are up in the first gallery in the Hope Lodge Category. All photos were taken by Kenny McKeithan while I was out of town. Thanks you Kenny! (11 November, 2013.)

** More images of the Coinbow Tower construcition and its progress to date. No password protection. (28 October, 2013.)

** I finally posted some of my images from the f4 group when they visited Charleston in October of 2012. Of course, hurricane Sandy managed to come by and give us some crazy weather and proceeded to wreck the south end of Folly Beach where we were photographing, but it all worked out, as it always does! This gallery is under the Travel category. (9 October, 2013.)

**Photos are now up in the Tae Kwon Do category taken at the USATMA Competition and Black Belt tests at the Isle of Palms Recreational center on the Isle of Palms, SC, on 20 April 2013. Enjoy! (3 May, 2013.)

** New photos from the Hope Lodge volunteer lunch held on April 23, 2013 are up in the Hope Lodge category. This year's luncheon coincided with the 100th Anniversary of the American Cancer Society. Appreciation goes to all who devote their time to this cause! (30 April, 2013.)

**Two new galleries from our trip to Cuba have been added to the Travel Category. The first shows people and places around old Havana and some out in the tobacco countryside of western Cuba. The second gallery shows some of the old cars still common in Cuba. (27 February, 2013.)

Some FAQs:

1. Why do the colors seem overly saturated (especially reds)?
If you are using Internet Explorer, try another browser like Firefox. Internet Explorer uses its own color calibration. In any case, the prints are always color balanced when printed.

2. What if I want a different size print?
Most uploaded prints have a 4x6 aspect ratio. You can crop them to another aspect ratio in the ordering process. If you need a much larger print or a better crop, please contact me.

3. Can I right-click download images to my computer?
In some of the non-profit event photography, I have allowed this option, otherwise it is blocked. A difficulty in allowing this feature is that I get no feedback as to photo popularity for site management. One solution in the future is to charge a nominal fee (10 cents) for downloads so they can be tracked.

Rick's Photo Bio:

I started about 40 years ago with 35mm film, but degree programs, careers, and family kept me from fully developing my interest in photography. With the advent of digital imaging -- which I used in my careers as an engineer and researcher -- coupled with my retirement, I can now more fully develop my interest in photographic art. In other words, I can finally exercise my right brain and let the left brain be content with Sodoku for a while.

My photographic experience includes three workshops with George DeWolfe on workflow, fine art printing, and contemplative photography, a workshop with Joe McNally on environmental portraiture using off-camera speedlights, and Mentor Series workshops in Juneau, AK with Tom Bol and John Reddy as the instructors and in Costa Rica with Bill Durrence and David Tejada. I have also taken classes on techniques, portraiture, and modeling with local talent in Charleston from the Charleston Center for Photography now headed by Stacy Pearsall. These instructors include Jack Alterman, Mary Whyte, Mikayla Mackaness, and Diana Deaver. Finally, I am a juried-in artist of the Charleston and Mount Pleasant, SC, Artist Guilds.

I love to learn and hope you enjoy those images that document my journey.


All images and content on this site are copyrighted by Rick Schmiedt. All rights reserved. No form of reproduction, including copying or saving of digital image files, or the alteration of these files is authorized without written permission of Rick Schmiedt.

You can reach me at RickSchmiedt at gmail dot com.  Enjoy the images!